Dinetten Grand Formerie

-"Memmu, We miss you so much!"

2.6.2008-8.4.2013 (euthanasia, VSD) , breeder Päivi Hyvärinen, Mikkeli 

 Jour Apres Jour Infini x Minskuhoff's Grand Egeria

In DogNet

Health: At the age of 1 year 2009 Meeri was diagnosed VSD, congenital heart disease. 3 years from that she lived almost normal dog life, a little dog shows and she also participated in hunting. By autumn 2012 her heart started to show some symptoms and weakening, after some months from that we had to do the hard desicion, it was merciful to let her go.  

Hunting: 3rd prize in tracking in open class (AVO3)

Shows: FI CH, RU CH, RU JCH Latest show result: Finnish Basset Club Speciality show 25.8.2012 Champion class winner, under judge Mrs Florence Leonard-Nolle



                                                                      Photo Jaana Honkanen


Meeri in spring 2012 




Meeri with Matilda, summer 2009


"Mellu Ketonen, Kepposmeeri, Paksamaasu"

rakkaala on moonta nimeä :)