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18.12.2012 St Petersburg, Russia

Kinolog Profie, regional show, judge Sergey Vanzha (RU)

Padmé  EXC1, CQ, JunCAC, BOB

Maire  EXC1, CQ, JunCAC, BOB, BOG2!




Fauna Winter, regional show, judge Mikhail Permyakov (RU)

Padmé  EXC1, CQ, JunCAC --> Russian Junior Champion!

Maire  EXC1, CQ, JunCAC, BOB, BOG1, BIS6 -->  Russian Junior Champion!

Thank You Jarkko for driving us there and back safely! Again =) 


26.11.2011 DOGS4ALL, Lilleström, Norway

We had fabulous and immemorial weekend in Norway, thanks to our company in the show ring and by the side of it: Zelina and Pia!!! 

Myy EXC1, CQ, BB1, CAC, CACIB, Norwegian Winner -11  

        --> C.I.E!

Maire EXC1 = NJV-11


kollaasit.jpg    In the middle: Zelina Olesen & Debutcher Vendee "Maja" and Sarri and Myy 
    Below: Pia Olesen & BOB Åkerös Casper, judge Anne-Marit Olsen and
    Sarri & Myy



    Sarri & Maire and judge Elina Haapaniemi



19. - 20.11.2011 2 x Int Show in Jyväskylä

Mr X  2 x VG  (judges Harri Lehkonen and Rita Reyniers)

Maire  2 x EXC, CQ, CAC, BOB  (judges Laurent Pickard and Petru Muntean) 

2011-11-20.jpg     Maire in the ring with Sarri


     judge Petru Muntean, Sarri and Maire 



12.11.2011 Best In-puppy show in Helsinki

judge Matti Luoso (9 gbgvs entered) here are our results:

Dinetten Glitter Glorieuse “Lara” 4

Dinetten Glitter  Gisquette “Usva” HP 3

Dinetten Glitter Gracieuse “Muru” HP 2

Dinetten Glitter Gonzesse “Tiuhti” HP 1 -> ROP-pentu / BOB-puppy!

Dinetten Glitter Guerrier “Mökö” HP 1 -> VSP-pentu / BOS-puppy!

Kennel Dinetten 1 HP , BOB breeder! (HP = price of honour)


GLORIEUX DES TAILLIS DE CHENES "Loisto" 1 HP BOB-puppy, judge Matti Luoso.


23.10.2011 Nice trip to St.Petersburg:

Judges were  Mrs. Nijole Zieniene and Mr. V. Beljakov.

Little miss Padme got her two Junior CC´s and was BOB-Junior in both shows.

Lady Selma got also two CC´s and will become now Russian Champion, if I have counted correctly...??? Selma was also BOB in second show, handled by Riikka.

Guest star Elli (Maires and Meeris sister) was with us too. She got two CC´s also and becomes Russian Champion too! Elli was BOB in first show.


Last but not least; Signorita Maire got Two CC´s too and was BOB-Junior and BOB :)

Not bad day at all! We have sunday-rule: we are not staying in groups if there is any success during the day. Because driving time to border and customs formalities takes time from 4 to 5 hours. So no group results today.

Mooris,IW-boy, was BOB-Junior in wolfhound ring. 

2.10.2011 Tuulos, judge Erja Nummi

MrX got Exelent1, ВD1, CC and ВOВ and becomes FI CH!!!

Thank you Mia Piri to showing MrX in Tuulos!

3.7.2011 Karjaa, judge Juhani Lappi

Padmé: VG

Maire: G



National d'Elevage, Malville, 12.6.2011

GBGVs,  juges M. Gérard Genichon & M. Rene Favre 

Padmé, puppy femelles ...

Tyyne JolkiPalki Hrustalj, jeune femelles, exc

Selma Unitée dGdR, ouverte femelles, exc

Penni Vaya Con Dios dGdR, veteran femelles, 1er exc

Mr X, intermediaire males, 1er exc

Luca l'Honneur du Pied, champion males, exc

GGVs, juge M. Gilles Ruhl 

Maire, jeune femelles, 3e exc

PBGVs, juges M. Rene Favre & M. Lionel Callegarin

Ceci Vilauddens Dagmar, jeune femelles, 1er exc

Paku Cakom Lupikas, travail males, exc


Wystawa Psów Rasowych, Szczecin, Poland, 18.6.2011

All our dogs judged by Denis Kuzelj


Padmé, very promising

Tyyne, exc1, BOB

Selma, exc1, CAC, CACIB

Penni, exc1

Mr X, exc1, CAC, resCACIB -> CACIB

Luca, exc1, CAC, CACIB


Maire, exc1, BOB


Ceci, exc1

Paku, exc1, CAC, resCACIB


Copenhagen Winner, Valby, Denmark, 19.6.2011

All our dogs judged by Harry Tast


Padmé, very promising

Tyyne, exc1, CK, CAC, BOB

Selma, exc1, CK, CACIB 

Mr X, exc1, CK, CAC, CACIB, BOS

Luca, exc1, CK, resCACIB


Maire, exc1, CK, CAC, BOB


Ceci, exc2, CK

Paku, exc1, CK


Pictures later!



7.5.2011 Tampere INT, judged by Vitor Veiga, PG

Mr X EX2

1.5.2011 Nice week end in St.Petersburg, Russia.










Mia´s petits Cevi & Paku and judge Shamil Abrakimov

Cevi was BOB, BOB-jun, got jun-CC and become RU Jun-CH. Paku got CC and become RU CH also he got his last Cacib and is now waiting C.I.B -title! Way to go Paku! Congrats to Mia and Mika!

Dinetten Grand Florencio EX2 and Unitee du Greffier du Roi EX2.

26.4.2011 Myy was in ultrasound and result is positive! Puppies are expected in week 22.

24.4.2011 Int Show Lappeenranta, judge Saija Juutilainen

Myy VG & MrX VG

22.04.11 LAHTI INT judge Bas Bosch, BE

Ruusa EX2, CQ, BB2, R-Cacib

Group Show Kokemäki, judge Paula Rekiranta

Myy EX & MrX EX

19.3.2011 Group Dog Show in Tuusniemi, FI judge Sakari Poti

Luca L´Honneur du Pied EX1 CQ, BOB and Dinetten Grand Faucille EX1 CQ, CC & BOS.

17.02.2011 This whole winter has been so snowy (70-80 cm) and really, really cold that We haven´t had change to hunt with our GBGV´s at all. We have hopes that rest of winter is much more favorable to us and our dogs. Our GGV has shown good ability to go in high snow.


This year has started very nicely. 2 X INT dog shows at Göteborg, Sweden.

8.1.2011 MyDog 1  judge Leni Finne, Finland

MrX EX1 (CC qualification), BD2, Res-CACIB and Myy got EX1, (CC qualification), BB1, CACIB and was BOS. The BOB was Åkerös Grand Calle. Our dogs cannot receive CC´s in Sweden cause they do not have hunting test results. Congratulations to Zelina!





9.1.2011 MyDog 2 judge Ann Carlsson, Sweden

MrX got EX1 with HP and Myy repeated previous result. Calle was BD2 and got  res-Cacib. Best Dog and BOB was Booster vTT. Congratulations to Monica! Booster is now C.I.B.