Sateenkaarisilta / Rainbowbridge

 "I have sometimes thought of the final cause of dogs having such short lives and I am quite satisfied it is in compassion to the human race; for if we suffer so much in losing a dog after an acquaintance of ten or twelve years, what would it be if they were to live double that time?"
- Sir Walter Scott -



"PACO" Fils De Paco V.D.Viersenhoeve 25.1.2012 - 8.9.2013 (car accident)

 2012-07-04_007.jpgPaco was a brother to our Maxima, here they are 6 months old in summer 2012 



06.06.2012 Sadly we had to say goodbye to our dear Ryyti (Hertta-Ässän Cinnamon Cissi). Her heart wasn´t strong enough and she was getting fluids to her lung. We miss her dearly. Ryyti was my first "racing" IW. She also won one competition and one CC in year 2006.





pictures Sami Hottola

07.04.2012 One is out of the pack.

This morning Ruttu the Spitz left to her last hunting.


18.9.2009 Suru-uutinen Ninalta: Suuri persoona Esko (FI, NO CH, FIN KVA-M Gogamagog´s Power Man) on poissa. Esko ehti melkein saavuttaa irlanninsusikoiralle kunnioitetun kymmenen vuoden iän. Eskon ja Ninan kanssa tuli vietettyä monta ikimuistettavaa hetkeä ympäri Suomenmaata. Halit Ninalle.

Sad news from Nina too: Esko has ended his life here. (FI, NO CH, FIN KVA-M Gogamagog´s Power Man) There is no such character than he was. Esko was almost 10-years old, that´s respectable age for an IW which has been made bloat surgery several years ago. We will always remember him!


15.9.2009 Taas on saatettu sateenkaarisillalle yksi karvaisista ystävistämme. Sisareni springerspanieli Mimmi sai ikiunen saavutettuaan melkein 14-vuoden iän. Mimmi sai lepopaikan aivan Ronjan vierestä joten Ronja voi jatkaa Mimmin käytöskoulua tuonpuoleisessakin.

My sisters springer spaniel Mimmi has past her journey whit us. Mimmi was almost 14-years old. Her last resting plase is near Ronja.





11.7.2006 Sad day. Ronja (Carel Wolf Iljana -99) was put to eternal sleep, bescause of a very fast and painfull bonecancer. There is a one big Wolfhound-of-a-size emptyness in our hearts, which cannot be filled nor will be filled with another. Thank you Pekka and Leena from this absolutly wonderful character.